Each client operates differently and uniquely. We get to know your business and what you need Netsuite and your related systems to do.



We document your requirements and design a solution around these requirements and your budget.



We implement the solution with the best fit technology. We won’t push you into a certain technology or convince you to mold your business process to fit within the limits of a system.

We offer a variety of engagement models to accommodate our clients’ unique needs, scope, and resources.

  • Fixed-Price Project: For projects that have a well-defined scope, we will estimate and propose a fixed-price for the project.
  • Time & Materials Project: This option is for projects that don’t have a well-defined scope. We’ll propose the resources and rates to do the project. In most cases, we can provide a budgetary estimate so you have an idea of the project cost up front, and proactively keep you updated on where the project stands.
  • Ongoing Consulting: This option is for clients that don’t have any one specific project, but just want to budget a certain amount of hours/dollars per month to customize/extend Netsuite.